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Newborn Suffers Serious Burn From Heat Lamp

A couple in Tennessee says they plan to sue St. Thomas Midtown Hospital in Nashville after malfunctioning equipment left their newborn with serious burns.Hours after baby Aminah was born, a screw from a heat lamp came loose and fell onto her neck, causing a blistering burn. Though a nurse at the hospital says she saw the screw fall and removed it immediately, the parents claim that the severity of the burn makes it clear that the screw was not noticed right away, and was left on the skin for some time.

The mother is still in the hospital but plans to take legal action against the hospital. The hospital has said it will pay for any medical attention the baby requires. A plastic surgeon was called to check the baby and determined nothing further needs to happen at this time.

We expect hospital equipment to help heal our injuries, not to cause injuries. But when the equipment is not properly maintained, it can be dangerous to patients. Malfunctioning and improperly maintained medical equipment can cause a variety of injuries, including direct burns electrical burns from electrical equipment like defibrillator pads, fires caused by malfunctioning equipment, and fires ignited by oxygen leaks.

Burns from negligent care in the hospital are rare, but the resulting injuries are often devastating.

Oxygen tanks are one of the biggest burn injury risks in hospital rooms. Small sparks from other electrical equipment in the room can ignite quickly in an oxygen rich atmosphere. Personal oxygen tanks that are used at home are particularly dangerous, and individuals who use personal oxygen tanks should be made aware of the risks associated with these tanks.

Hospitals have an obligation to maintain their equipment and keep patients safe. Hospitals and doctors can be held liable for medical equipment that did not receive routine maintenance. If a hospital's negligence has resulted in a serious burn injury to you or a loved one, you may be entitled to compensation. Burn injuries due to a doctor's negligence or malfunctioning medical equipment can have life-changing effects on your life.

Burn injuries from hospitals can also be the result of doctor negligence. Last year a two-day-old baby in Houston, Texas suffered second and third-degree burns when a nurse filled a diaper with water, put it in the microwave, and then applied it to the baby's ankle and foot. The baby was supposed to undergo a routine PKU test that occurs to all babies a few days after birth.

If you or a loved one has suffered a burn injury from a hospital or medical professional, you need a skilled burn injury attorney. Call the law offices of Luvell L. Glanton today to schedule a free consultation and begin your case.

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NASHVILLE MEDICAL MALPRACTICE ATTORNEY MURFREESBORO TRACTOR TRAILER ACCIDENT LAWYER Unmatched Dedication from a Nashville personal injury lawyer Luvell L Glanton's distinguished career as a personal injury attorney came about unexpected. Not long after graduating from Drake university law school and being admitted to the Tennessee Bar Association, he came across a homeless man with a broken leg but had no ability to get medical attention he desperately needed. At that moment Mr Glanton saw how his legal representation could dramatically change his clients lives for the better. Not only was his client able to recover the compensation he deserved for his medical needs, he was able to begin a new life outside of homelessness. This kind of dedication and care is a testament to the manner in which Luvell L Glanton has handled personal Injury Matters for over 23 years. He works closely with his clients and takes a genuine interest in how he can advocate for their best interests. Schedule a free initial consultation by contacting the law offices of Luvell L. Glanton online or by telephone at 615-244-4511(toll free at 800-419-0697)


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