Case Results

Case Results
Nashville, TN Lawyer

$1.6 Million settlement for the family of a mother killed by a heavy truck in Nashville, TN

$1.35 Million for a family whose child was killed at a Nashville business. The theory of recovery was failure to provide adequate security.

$1.35 Million for a family who lost their mother due to negligence of a local health care provider.

$900,000 for a mother and father who lost their child due to failure of a health care provider to diagnose and infectious disease.

$100,000 for a wife whose disabled husband died after receiving too much anesthesia for dental work.

$450,000 for a paraplegic who sustained second degree burns to his feet due to the negligence of a health care provider.

$125,000 for a Nashville woman who sustained a fracture of her heal.

$125,000 settlement for a 79 year old woman who lost her leg due to an untreated infection acquired at a nursing home.

$875,000 for a man who sustained severe hip fracture in automobile accident. The plaintiff was unemployed at the time.

$900,000  for an unemployed man was hit and killed by an automobile. The case was highly contested on liability. The police report as well as an eyewitness said that the pedestrian was at fault. The firm fought hard and reached a settlement.

$160,000 for an elderly man was bit by a dog. The landlord and the tenant were both sued. The tenant was judgment proof, however the landlord settled the claim.

$500,000  for an elderly man not properly monitored during operation. Subsequently coded and died.
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