Construction Accidents

Construction Accidents
Lawyer in Nashville, TN

There are various dangers including potential hazards associated with construction sites. Heavy machinery, electrical wiring, neglectful conditions that result in falls on construction sites including other dangerous situations pose continuous threats to these workers that face such risks every day. More so, when injuries and accidents eventually occur, construction site workers are usually poorly compensated.

There are different kinds of construction site accident cases and engaging the services of a Nashville personal injury lawyer from Luvell L. Glanton Law Offices, will educate you or a bystander who might have sustained injury due to an accident on a construction site on your rights as well as the ways that compensation could be pursued. We are more than prepared to address all kinds of accident cases on construction sites, including others that are the most common:

Construction site car accidents
Crane accidents
Defective equipment or machinery
Explosions including fires 
Exposure to harmful materials and substances
Falls including falling objects
Scaffolding accidents
Slip and fall accidents
Wrongful death

Getting full compensation for an unfortunate incident such as construction site injury will require careful analysis that is free by our legal team to determine the best course of legal action to be taken by a worker.We are a Tennessee legal firm that has recovered compensation in millions of dollars for injured victims. Therefore, contact Luvell L. Glanton Law Offices to discuss your case today. 
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