Defective Drugs

Defective Drugs
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Drugs go through a long process of approval by the Federal Drug Association (FDA) before they reach consumers, and although patients believe that drugs prescribed to them by their doctors are safe, thousands of defective drugs are still recalled every year due to unknown side-effects, improper labels and manufacturing errors. This affects millions of prescriptions, poses serious risks to the patients taking the drugs and causes serious injuries to some patients.

Defective Drug Liability: 
Drug manufacturers can be held liable for injuries from defective drugs if the defect was related to the development of the drug, or if it was a result of withholding information from the FDA, or negligent manufacturing facilities. Laboratories can be held accountable if they made errors during clinical trials for approval or if they misrepresented information. Drug/Pharmaceutical sales representatives can be held accountable if they misrepresented the use and purpose of the drug.
Health care facility and pharmacists can be held responsible if they were involved in an error of distribution or labeling which led to injuries. Also, if a doctor knew about the recall of a defective drug, but prescribed it anyway, the doctor can be held responsible for injuries.

There are some recent drug recalls which include Lyrica, Abilify, Lipitor, Zithromax and Lexapro among others. If you or a loved one has suffered a serious injury as a result of a defective drug, call us and talk to a Defective Drug Attorney to evaluate your case. 
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