Defective Medical Devices

Defective Medical Devices
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The USA medical health system is considered the world's most expensive. However, in spite of this, each year medical devices in their thousands are recalled due to safety concerns with patients suffering injuries as a result of malfunctioning and defective devices. Now the FDA (Food and Drug Administration), which is responsible for the screening and approval of new medical devices to ensure they don't get to the market usually relies on skewed data provided by medical device manufacturers. Such data permit the entrance of defective medical devices into the market that harm patients. In the first-half of 2016, more than 500 medical-devices were recalled. Each recall may affect as little as dozens of people and as much as thousands of individuals. 

Approval Process for Devices:
A major challenge with the approval process of the FDA is that it may be easily persuaded by drug companies to allow the approval of their devices to the detriment of the consuming public. This is attested to, by at least one study in 2011, which discovered that the medical device industry had spent $33.3 million regarding lobbying to get their devices approved.    

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