Dog Bites

Dog Bites
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Injuries from dog bites occur daily in the United States with several people requiring emergency care due to this. Moreover, medical charges from such injuries can cost about 50% more than the average cost resulting from a hospital stay according to a study conducted in 2008. Although millions of Americans suffer from dog bites (5 million in 2012), only a few (16,500 in 2012) filed to get an insurance claimed with the others having to pay for treatment or damages by themselves. However, this can be corrected when victims file claims via an attorney. More so, the dog bite injury attorney is in the best position to get full compensation for victims. 

Tennessee Law (The Dianna Acklen Act):
The Dianna Acklen Act, which was passed in Tennessee in the year 2007 as a result of the death of a 60 year-old lady Dianna Acklen due to dog attack has changed the liability requirement of dog owners. The law previously released “first-bite” dog owners from liability. However, this has changed and this act now requires owners to ensure their dogs are under “reasonable control” every-time or be held responsible for their attacks.

You or a loved one might have a right to compensation for physical/emotional pain, medical bills, suffering or even lost wages due to dog bite. Find out today, by calling our offices to schedule a meeting with us to start your case. Consultation is free!
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