Premises Liability

Premises Liability
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Premises liability claim holds a property owner liable for neglect and injuries, which occur on the concerned's property site. Such claim can be held against restaurants, hotels, any business and even private homeowners. Even though “slip and fall” claims are the most common, there are other forms of premises liability claims that involve various injuries that are caused by negligent or hazardous conditions.

Premises Liability Claim:
The claim for premises liability occurs when a person (“invitee”) who has been invited to a private property suffers injury on the concerned property due to negligence of its owner. The negligence results in unsafe conditions that led to injuries. Also, to be qualified for premises liability claim, you must have been invited to or be a "licensee" of the concerned property.

If you think you have a claim on premises liability, you need to first quickly seek medical attention and thereafter contact a personal injury attorney for further guidance immediately.There are several elements that will be considered by the jury or judge to determine the culpability of the concerned property owner. One of them is any steps taken by the property owner to remedy the dangerous condition that caused injury.

Get in touch with an experienced Tennessee Premises Liability Attorney in your own best interest for personal liability claims since the process involved is complicated. Therefore, contact us today for a free consultation.
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