Wrongful Death

Wrongful Death
Lawyer in Nashville, TN

Losing a loved one is a tremendously painful experience, and one that can be made more difficult if their death was preventable. When another's negligence or wrongful act plays a role in the death of your loved one, it's important to know that you may be able to take legal action to secure justice and compensation. By working with a Wrongful Death Lawyer from The Law Offices of Luvell L. Glanton, you can have the support to take your claim to court and hold the responsible party accountable. Our lawyers place an emphasis on providing compassionate, personalized representation to get you through this time and the legal journey ahead. 

Tennessee's Wrongful Death Law:
When a person intentionally, recklessly or negligently causes the death of another person, a wrongful death suit can be filed. Wrongful death lawsuits can result from a host of different situations including car, truck or bus accidents, medical or pharmacist errors, injuries from falls and accidents at construction sites. 

Our experienced Wrongful Death Lawyers are here to talk to you, explain the rules of filing a wrongful death lawsuit and to help you prove that negligence, carelessness, or wrongful act resulted in the death of your loved one so that you can recover damages. 

Don't know if you have the right to file a wrongful death lawsuit? Call our office now and request a free, no-obligation case evaluation. Our passionate and prompt legal team will respond immediately to your request.
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